A global company offering a boutique experience

We aim to be your product development partner responsible for the lifecycle of all your technology transformation needs: from User experience to complex Cloud Management for early to mid-stage businesses

Who We Are

Sebastian Walker

Antonio Piraino

MethodData is a young and dynamic Software Development and Cloud Solutions based company founded by two South Africans, Sebastian Walker, and Antonio Piraino, both based in the Washington DC area. We have a deep pipeline of stimulating work in a wide variety of sectors and are growing rapidly.

Where We Started

MethodData was born in 2019 from a gap in adequate reporting for Sales and Marketing teams looking for customized and enriched information about their campaigns and continuous operations. Our small team was focused on delivering live dashboards and email reports delivered to a myriad of customers in different verticals looking for greater intelligence on their daily sales and marketing activities. In order to enrich the data and provide greater context for informed and agile decision-making, we were soon being asked to ingest data from several third-party applications, used to embellish the data in those dashboards and reports.

By mid-2020, those same APIs were used to push workflows and data generated by the teams leveraging our reports. It became clear that the bigger need was for more integrated solutions ensuring that the value that data generated was constantly being used for productive and fruitful activities. After all, data at rest has no value.

By 2021, we were deploying new app builds and integrated solutions, including a massive data lake migration, into the AWS cloud environment. Data was being treated like an oil rush, and our access techniques expanded to multiple formats across a swath of applications. Soon it was evident that customer dashboards were not enough, and our partners sought innovative front-end development for apps being used by their own teams and customers looking for simple yet powerful usability. Our full-stack development team expanded in parallel, bringing with them the ability to deliver on complex solutions underpinning those apps.

Our Growth

Today we have a multinational team of dedicated employees. Our expertise range from a dynamic UX team to our full-stack developers and AWS certified experts, delivering on AI/MLsolutions.

Our Culture

We take culture very seriously. We want team players that have a thirst for learning and offer something in return to the rest of the team, and our customers that are all close partners. Bring your humor, bring your wit and bring your talent. We have a no-blame and no hiding culture – we’re here to work together as a productive team supporting each other through every project.

Why Work With Our Team

We’re fun but professional. We enjoy the balance of having our client partners working directly with our team. We hire talented employees that enjoy being part of a group of like-minded, good-humored individuals that like to get stuff done and win. We’re small but highly motivated, and in the rapid growth stage. Moving our partners’ business priorities forward at pace. With that growth comes celebrations together, as a team.

Our employees tackle many roles, and we’re always growing.

  • Product Success Managers
  • Business Operations
  • Full-Stack Software Engineers
  • Data Engineers
  • QA Engineers
  • Project Managers
  • UX/UI Designers
  • Technical Writers

Our Core Practices

Agile Development

We’re agile, leveraging best-of-breed frameworks, tools, and cloud technologies from containers to containerless, and producing no-code/low-code solutions for our partners. We work in 1-Week Sprints with a continuous responsive design mentality – working closely with clients and partners to deliver outcomes that delight.