Frequently Asked Questions

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We believe that all three services go hand in hand, but you can use our services a la carte.

We’re experienced with enterprise-grade Healthcare providers, requiring stringent retention settings, security controls, privacy and reliability related to  HIPAA compliance. We have delivered full-scale greenfield go-to-market products and services on a national basis within 9 months. This leveraging our Hybrid US/Offshore team at blended rates that shoot straight down the middle of the fairway with a unique and energetic team of English-speaking talent. The collaborative DNA of the team was a qualifying attribute during onboarding as our full-time engineering team is a highly unified and co-functioning group of delivery zealots.

The day two operations of maintaining any IT environment can be laborious, costly, and time-consuming. Most companies look to leverage economies of scale and hold the operations team to account. The key metrics and assurance are better provided through an SLA that covers all specialty areas of your solution – including ever-changing APIs, apps, front-end UI development, cloud infrastructure, and handling continuous change requests and customizations from the business. By outsourcing this, your teams are better able to focus on innovations that drive your business forward rather than the mundane tasks of keeping the lights on.

Remote monitoring and management of hardware and infrastructure. Security services, including secure software development, continuous monitoring, and incident response. Configuration, monitoring, and management of cloud services.

We have a flexible operating model. Sometimes we simply deliver to our customers’ business needs. WIth some more strategic initiatives, we have committed to our partners to deliver upon their business needs, and often that leads to a more generic build of the product, and a collaborative co-branded go-to-market approach with shared equity/revenue in the public-facing product.