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Real-time data with the ability to filter any data you require.

Dashboards are perfect when you need multiple filters and the ability to view data in multiple different ways. For those that love the more active role of data manipulation and the immediacy of differentiated information, with a multitude of graphical representation options, then this is for you.

Historical Pipeline Value

See the total value of any or all of your Pipelines over the last 3, 12, or 36 months in a real-time easy-to-read dashboard.

Actual vs Forecasted Revenue

Real time display of actual Pipeline value for each Sales Representative for current quarter versus Forecasted Revenue for the next four quarters. This can be seen for any or all of your Pipelines. The top 5 Sales Representatives are displayed in the bar graph.

Sales Representative Information

Detailed real-time information per Sales Representative. Information that is available includes:

  • % Deals closed this quarter
  • % total Pipeline activity
  • % overall Pipeline activity
  • Velocity
  • 24-hour Pipeline activity
  • Pipeline totals per quarter
  • Breakdown of Deals closing this and next quarter
  • Weighed value of Deals worked and not worked this quarter
  • # of Deals worked and not Worked this quarter

Build custom reports and dashboards with MethodData.