The Secure
Development Lifecycle

The Secure Development Lifecycle prioritizes security in every stage of the development process. We strive to provide the most secure solutions from the ground up and leverage the IAAS providers’ security expertise to ensure your data is safe.

How does MethodData secure solutions within the infrastructure?

Aqua ™ is used to generate a report on each application with the relevant security tool(s).

Up to date security training for all engineers.

Workshops on security, latest trends and identified threats.

Security analysis and periodic vulnerability assessments.

Security awareness and education through workshops, learning, games, simulations and subscription to forums and top security vendors.

Security breach plan and communication strategies.

We have at least two AWS-certified security specialists on the team.

Monitoring and alerts of suspicious activity.

We build with the latest security best practices.

  • The security framework is built on known best practices and standards such as encryption and public-key cryptography.
  • Username and password management is done in a secure central location and never published to the public code repository.
  • We challenge incoming requests and communications to our applications to make sure the originator is valid.

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