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Cloud Services

Include Cloud Advisory Services as a part of your larger MethodData project for free.

We employ a cloud readiness approach to observe and analyze the best candidate workloads for migration to the cloud. What we don’t do is take a rip and replace approach. It’s not always necessary to refactor nor re-platform and forcibly shift to the public IaaS Cloud.

Our designs are never sold to you. They’re a joint effort with understood success criteria, with identifiable and measurable business outcomes. We find that laying out what we’ve learned about your existing business processes and workflows, side-by-side with the modernized topology and architecture is our cleanest way of reaching an agreement on priorities and your best bang for the buck.

In addition to our own services, we partner with a number of third-party experts with domain expertise in a variety of business areas. Often our clients are already working with an application of a SaaS product that meets some critical needs.  If we don’t already have an established partnership or integration with that technology, our engineers enjoy the learning opportunity to work with new and dynamic technologies to create a holistic solution for you.  We remain committed to being a highly collaborative group of people – sharing our experiences with you, and your existing vendors, and working to the most cost-effective and efficient solution.

Our Architects and engineers will architect your entire system. We borrow from the AWS well-architected framework that focuses on operational excellence, security, reliability, performance, and cost optimization.

MethodData provides a complete solution to modernize your infrastructure holistically, regardless of the path you are on – traditional cloud migration, application refactoring, or both.  Our objective is to build a solution that is highly automated, efficient, robust and secure – something that your business can rely on so that you can focus on the innovation that will drive your business to a leading position.

Explore New Possibilities

Advanced Cloud Services

· Data Lake Creation: Data lakes let you ingest multiple data types from multiple sources, and store it structured or unstructured in a centralized repository.

· AI/ML: once the data is normalized, sanitized, and organized our data scientists go to work looking to build models from the data and learning algorithms that push your business to the next level.

· Integrations: Our Integrations engineers tie together a variety of apps and data sources through the research and development of APIs, webhooks, pushes, and other forms of data ingestion.

· UX: Our front end innovation team works to visualize highly enriched informative data through apps

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